MetaPhile: next and back links have to be reinstated

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Once upon a time it was possible to go to the next (or previous) topic-post with a couple of simple links. These have been lost in one of the ‘upgrades’. I want them back. (Buttons will do too).

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bert said:
> I want them back.

or else! ;+)


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bert...take advantage of tabbed browsing. Makes it really easy to run down the tracker page and hand-pick the threads you want to read.

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Using back and forth-links could be combined with preloading, which is a lot faster than using tabs etc.
Anyway, I always have between 7 and 15 tabs active and there is a limit to my capabilities in working with even more tabs… ; )

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It would be extremely helpful if everyone would either:

a) Keep feature requests and bug reports in as few threads as possible

or preferably

b) Contact us directly

We, at Punchcut, aren't often able to spend quality time reading all the threads on Typophile (not because we don't want to, but rather because our client work doesn't give us a lot of free time), therefore a lot of these discussions are overlooked by us unless someone from the community reaches out to us directly.

Typophile administrators (Joe, Jared, Zara, Christian) can be reached by using the following e-mail address:

typophile @ punchcut . com

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No, Zara, we’ll continue using this forum to post bug reports. That’s where they go – out in the open for open discussion, not sent to some backdoor address you have (yet again) hidden in a comment in a post.

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Try discussing type even more.


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