MetaPhile: Blogs here are pointless

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Typophile should not be hosting blogs. It’s a discussion forum, not a hosting service.

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So don't write one.

I'm sure some people use and appreciate the blog functionality.

- Lex

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While it is true that anyone can go to blogger and publish a blog, Typophile offers the opportunity to infrequently post bloggish content without the regular posting that an official blog requires to have any readership at all.

If you want to create type blog with many posts per week, you may want to establish your own site. If you just want to talk about the type related things you are working on / thinking about without the intent of starting a discussion thread, Typophile blogs might just be your thing.

Lastly, if you don't like the blogs here, don't read them. You certainly don't have to read them to participate in the forums.

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maybe this is the right thread to ask some questions about blog in general.
Maybe it’s because I am 42 years old ;-) : I have to admit that In never completely understood what blog thing is about.
I understand that is a kind of personal website frequently updated in the way of lets say a personal „newspaper“.
But where is the difference to a website?
How is anyone (for example also here in my blog at typophile) guided to get there and see/read the things you put in there?
What do I have to do to put it into life?

thanks so far

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I'm 55, so you are a youngster to me. A blog (from web log) is for quick and dirty commenting on ... well, on anything. Many of them are quite boring, but some draw readerships in the thousands. John Nack of Adobe is one I often visit. (Also I seldom missed Thom Phinney when he was there).

A web page is a bit more work to get something posted. A blog takes the technical work out of it, and you only have to worry about content.

Mostly, you gain attention to your blog through providing good content, getting some buzz, and hopefully some people posting links to it.


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Thanks Don!
Good explanation


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OK, then, Christian, explain to me why it’s desirable for a discussion forum with an ill-defined ownership structure to host technically limited blogs that are hidden deep down in a directory structure.

Indeed anyone can set up a blog. And anyone who wants a blog should do that – somewhere that blogs are meant to be set up, like your own server or an existing hosting service. Then at least the rest of the Web will know they’re there and can subscribe via RSS, and ownership won’t be at issue. (At the very least, you can wade through the endless terms of use of hosting sites, or just host your own. Where are the terms of use for blog hosting at Typophile? Found those yet, Christian?)

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