MetaPhile: There is no way to flag a post or comment

Some posts and comments violate guidelines, are personal attacks, or otherwise harm the site. There is no way to flag posts or comments. Since site admins are functionally invisible, unnamed, and essentially impossible to contact, there is no practical method to submit any such complaint.

There is no way to flag a double post or double comment, either.

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A flag feature had been introduced just before the recent overhaul/collapse. I hope it will return shortly.
I agree that a link to the moderators’ page or another possibility of contacting them should be present on every page.

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how about a barrage of posts that should've been collected
into a single list of 96 points and nailed to the church door?


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As elsewhere in bug reporting, one bug per report is the norm.

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joe said:
> As elsewhere in bug reporting,
> one bug per report is the norm.

fine. nail each one to the church door. ;+)


p.s. 96 should have been 95;
i'm a bad, bad, bad lutheran...

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A flag option could definitely be useful, but it needs to be implemented really carefully. Such features are often the target of much abuse. And besides, who is really bothered by a little ad hominem in a forum post? I couldn't be bothered less to be honest.

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Bump. For now reserve flagging just for spam and call the option "Flag as spam" or simply "Spam". There is a number of threads in General Discussion that could really use it right now.

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