MetaPhile: This site’s admins are functionally invisible

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I offer this challenge one more time: Strictly from memory, list the real name or usernames of three of this site’s admins.

Now write a couple of sentences documenting the personal background or merely the administrative approach of one admin. Do you know anything about them?

Next, explain exactly how one would contact any admin or a specific admin. I mean exactly.

Admins need to be listed by full name and username, with a way to contact them. When one merely wishes to contact any admin, that has to be possible too.

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I think if Admins/moderators had some sort of badge near their avatar, it would help a lot.

- Lex

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There’s a page that has a list of the moderators, with the possibility to contact one of them.
I agree that, in order to offer a functional service, a link to that page – or another possibility of contacting them – should be present on every page.
I also wish there was a way to contact any admin.

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Florian, your avatar on that page links not to you but to Paul Hunt. And Kent's links to Tiffany.

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I agree that some sort of moderator badge would be useful. Many forums put a star or some other icon next to the moderators' usernames, or they have a special avatar or custom title.

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Ben, thanks for the pointer. Alas, I can’t edit that page. Will contact a super admin. ;-)

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When offering my services as an Admin, I was explicit that I have no interest in being a Moderator.

I have no problem with being a janitor and cleaning up the trash as I go along, but I am quite frankly not interested in fielding a barrage of messages from all and sundry.

If greater visibility becomes a requirement, then I will likely rethink my service.

I thought the short-lived flag feature was promising. I look forward to its reinstatement.

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