(x) MetaPhile: This site needs a MetaPhile forum

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A functioning online community needs a separate place to discuss that community. Specific topic discussions should not be polluted by metadiscussions about how the site works.

Typophile needs to clone what MetaFilter does and start a separate forum called MetaPhile. It is there that site policy and the specifics of individual posts can be discussed. If you have a concern about a post in one of the other forums, start a new post in MetaPhile to talk about it.

In particular, posts about new site features should not be buried in somebody’s “blog,” a feature this site never needed.

It goes without saying that all these posts with subject lines beginning “MetaPhile” should be moved there.

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This is one of Joe's proposals that I wholeheartedly endorse, not least because I really don't want to drop in to see what's new on the general discussion forum and find typographic content buried by two dozen new discussions about how the site runs.

[Thanks for clearly labelling such discussions, Joe.]

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Makes complete sense to me too.

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