"Le Routard" Guide

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Hi everybody !!

Once again, I need your help to identify different fonts.
Indeed, I want to reproduce this French Tourism Guide as the Menu of a weeding;

Can you help me to identify the differents ones?

On the cover page:

"des centaines de reduction"


"le guide du routard"


Inside text:




"Tout pour preparer votre periple …."

MANY, MANY thanks !!!

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The main text seems to be Arial, non?

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Non :-)

In the bottom image, the body text is Helvetica, and the titles are Univers. Why anyone would want to combine the two is beyond me.

- Lex

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Thanks for your help, I'll start with that.

What your phrase "Why anyone would want to combine the two is beyond me." means, my english is not good enough to understand …


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Helvetica and Univers are, relatively speaking, very similar. When pairing two typefaces, one usually wants to find an accompanying style that is different, be it in a harmonious or in a contrasting way. These two neo-grotesques (both from Switzerland and 1957) don’t complement each other very well.

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Ok, thanks again!

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