massive google chrome ad campaign - "marker" font

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great typophile, dear all, hello !

i just created an account after browsing anonymously for a while... not a typographer, alas, just a (currently) underemployed architect hit by recess, left with loads of time to learn & experiment about/around type, growing and invasive passion. loads of time but loads to learn i must confess... so. here comes my newbie question:

google chrome just launched a massive ad campaign in paris (i've seen some recent tweets about that in london too but couldn't find images online). the font is kind of faux marker with lots of alternates (see e, g, r), the o is really strange, i think it's rather interesting and i'm sorry my photos are so gruesome...taken in the subway.

does anyone know what it is?
does everyone know but me??


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It looks to me like a hand-drawn version of their custom sans. It also looks like it's got alternates (check out the two 'e's). I'd say it's probably custom, perhaps by H&FJ who did their sans as well.

- Lex

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