What font is this Wolfram&Hart logo?

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It's probably super basic but I don't know anything about fonts and I'm not good enough with visual details to figure it out myself. I'm looking particularly at the bottom part that lists cities, if it's not all one font. Also, if it isn't a standard font, where can I get it?

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The sub-line is set in ITC Garamond.

- Lex

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"WOLFRAM & HART" is extremely close to Georgia, but not quite.

- Lex

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It could be ITC New Baskerville.

- Lex

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I think the sub-line is actually Garamond 3 or possibly some other Garamond, but not ITC Garamond.

I also think you're on the right track with Baskerville, but maybe not ITC, which has more cupped serifs.

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WOLFRAM & HART font = Berthold Baskerville

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