Looking for a font designer....

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Who can design a TrueType font based upon the original font design sheets for the house number font made by Danish industrial designer Knud V. Engelhardt.

I got some photos of the letters a-j, but would like someone to design the rest of the alphabet.

Interested? Please let me know a est. time and price.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi rkawaii.

Maybe its better if you show us a sample of the letters you have. Its possible that there is an existing font similar or even based on the letters.

best regards. Steven

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Mårten Thavenius has designed a sans serif family based on the work of Engelhardt (primarily the Gentofte street signs, I believe) which he calls Skilt Gothic and which should be released by Font Bureau some time in the first half of this year.

You might contact Thavenius via this contact page to see if he might have already done some work on the house numbers style that you seek.

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Thanks for your help so far. Here is a scan.

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That is a jolly 7! Lovely project for some lucky person ;)

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As Ken mentions, my upcoming release is based mostly on the Gentofte street signs and to some extent the design Engelhardt made for the Baltic Exhibition in 1914. Those designs are far from the curly figures in the sample above.

The street signs Engelhardt made were in a very rough gothic tradition with a lot of local flavor and a strong personal style.

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Love that g! :-)

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The tittle on the j is also cute.

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f & 4 for me ;-)
This could turn into something really nice in the right hands...

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That is wicked cool. Good luck.

from the Fontry...

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Bo Linneman(n?) of Kontrapunkt Denmark had also once digitized the Gentofte street sign letters (complete with the heart-shaped dot asw an alternate):


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Hi rkawaii.
The tittle on the j is also cute.
Karambir singh rohilla

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– Settled?

If not, I’d apply to do it. Never done a crude font like this.
Must be really funny…

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I'm a type designer with over 20 years experience. Would love to help.

Contact me directly.

Alex Kaczun



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Aw man... I wish I was a type designer!

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