A Typeface (most likely Sans) that compliments Memphis?

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So for the second semester of my Introduction to Typographic Design studio my first project involves a two page editorial spread. One of the articles is a piece on the differing opinions of "Green Design." For this particular rough draft I've enjoyed the typeface Memphis (having just developed a certain fondness for slab serifs).

My only dilemma is now that I'm having trouble picking a good second font choice (particularly looking for a sans serif) that does well to compliment Memphis and plays well off of its morphology.

Here is an example of one of the ways that Memphis might be used in my project.

Thanks for the help. I'm new to typography but have been thoroughly enamored with it and am taking the initiative to supplement my formal education with self-education and these forums have been a huge resource.

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Try a non-ITC version of Franklin Gothic. The original was designed by Morris Fuller Benton, who also designed a knockoff of Memphis called Stymie.

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