Brewery Wordmark Legibility

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I'm primarily looking for feedback on name legibility at this point. Being that the type is hand drawn, and the word is uncommon, I'm worried about the viewer's ability to pick up the name. How well does it read, and what do you read? Any feedback would be appreciated.



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Much better than before. Easily read as Tommyknocker

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I agree, this reads fine now. I would lighten up that first O a bit, though. My eye keeps getting pulled in that direction because it seems so much heavier in comparison.

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I find it very readable and quite personable. I agree with Stephan, the first O is a bit heavy.

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And maybe the second K?

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Looks good though!

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far better to read than the first time, no doubt. I agree that the first O and second K could be lightened up a bit though, to improve eye movement. Otherwise one helluva good logotype!

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not much to knock here


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