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Just a quick heads up to let you all know that we (Colophon Foundry), have just released Fortescue & Fortescue Pro. A new serif typeface with stylistic pointy serifs.

The Pro set comes complete with extended characters for use in Eastern & Central European languages. Full OpenType features include contextual ligatures, discretional ligatures, superior & inferior numbers, fractions, oldstyle proportional figures, proportional and tabular lining figures and a full set of small caps. Please note that the pro set features are in addition to the standard weights.

Visit: for more information.

Let us know what you think.


Colophon Foundry

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The name is too similar to Fontesque.

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It looks very nice, but you have a typo in the 4th slide of your specimens.

Prominent features in it's uppercase

Should be:

Prominent features in its uppercase

(The apostrophe shouldn't be there)

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Was just looking at this a couple of hours ago. Very nice. Now to find the right client with an open wallet :)

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What Nick said.

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How do you pronounce 'Fontesque'? Based on the spelling I would say 'Font-esk' (as in desk), and for 'Fortescue' I would say 'For-tes-cue' (as in the stick used in billiards).

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It would be an issue if the fonts looked similar. They don't, at all.


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Hi Nick,

When we originally set out about naming the font, we looked and couldn't find anything. We must of missed it!

The name actually refers to 'Earl Fortescue'
This is due to the typeface originally being created for an artist who resided at Fortescue House (The House in Devon in which Earl Fortescue lived).

Again, as hrant says, they look completely different, it just happens to be a coincidence about the names sounding similar.

- Colophon

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Must HAVE Edd.

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