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Does somebody know the font in use by AnOtherMan Magazine?
It's used both underlined and not.


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Hi Elena,
I’m curious, too. We had this one before:
The masthead on the AnOther Magazine website states that all its font design is by Alias (Gareth Hague and David James). This typeface isn’t listed on their site, so I’m afraid it is custom.

Related typefaces include Nicola Kroita Zucka, Easyscript, Terital.

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As there is another »Access denied«-page due to the buggy update of Typophile, here is the Google-cache for the link from Florian.

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Thanks, Rainer.
As I hope this is only a temporary issue, I had included that link for future reference and quoted the relevant bits above.

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The typeface was designed for Issues 6 - 8 of Another Man, as a script version of our Ano typeface. Examples in use in the magazine at
Yes, it's unreleased.

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