Fontlab: How to add Latin-3 to a new font?

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I ran into a problem today. Currently working on my first font in FontLab, I wondered if there is a method to add for instance all ISO-Latin-3 glyphs (just the empty glyph cells) to a font without generating hundreds of glyphs one by one. I searched the manual but found nothing. FAQ reffers to a page taken down in 2008 for this problem.

Sorry for asking such a basic question. I hope someone can help me with this. :)

Thank you in advance.

PS: I hope I put this into the right section of the forum. If not sorry for that.

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In the font window, click the codepages icon (on the right of the toolbar), then select Latin 3 from the drop down menu.

. The glyph cells will then show Latin 3 glyphs. If you select all of these and generate all you should have what you need.

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Thats amazingly easy. Thank for your help Bendy! :)

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You're welcome. Glad it works! :)

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