Access Denied ?

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I just noticed on the main page that many of the new posts when I click on them I get "Access Denied" message instead. Is there something gone a bit awry here?

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Hi Stephen,
is the access really denied, i.e. can’t you see the original post and comments?
Or is it just that the thread’s title (the Flash headline set in the Featured Face) reads ‘Access Denied.’?
The latter happens when you enter an URL (or, more likely, follow a link) that has a subdomain other than ‘www’ – like ‘dev'.

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There’s definitely something wrong.
No more than one page in longer threads.
No previous pages on the type ID board.
Yer, and clicking any post on the flash frontpage leads to an access denied.

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A lot of threads seem to have disappeared, no matter how you look at it (tracker page, forum overviews, or even by directly entering URLs of past threads).

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I can only access threads in the "newest"-column, "hottest" and "handpicked" are now forbidden content. And yes, most content is no longer listed. I hope this is a simple bug, and nothing fatal ...

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Yes, I'm afraid something's gone quite wrong from this end too. Access denied with no page content for most threads I'm clicking. And only seven threads with activity in the last 24 hours? I don't think that's right :(

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My thread disappeared as well. I sent an e-mail about it. I'm glad to see Im not alone.

The search function still doesn't work.

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> and nothing fatal ...

No big deal. We'll start all over again :)

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Yup, Typophile go boom. Huge numbers of recently started threads have disappeared. I kinda suspect it isn't helping to post new threads or responses to older ones a this point, since a roll-back to an archived database will probably be necessary and these news posts will disappear when that happens.

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I am also getting ACCESS DENIED. In my case this might be for the best. :)


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Ahhhh chaos! I love it. Rollback, rollback, rollback.

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Clever. ;)

I say we turn this into an "anything goes" thread. Might as well since it's one of the few left standing. If chaos be the game . . . ;)

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Yup, it done got broke.


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I guess this is it. The THREAD.

To wrap it up I would like to admit to being a provocateur, a contrarian, a sycophant, a red herring, a striver, permanently unsettled, a person who is accustomed to and unduly proud of all of the above, not to mention myriad other crimes against humanity, myself, and generally everything I come into contact with.

I hope they reset this database pretty damn soon.


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i'm getting the same problems... but i'm glad this thread is alive, yous guys is funnys :-)

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It seems that "Search" is also problematic. I've tried many words (opentype, ot, feature, …) and always ended up with { Page Not Found }


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Any node below 66295 perhaps? Is that useful info? ;-)

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It's, like, post-apocalyptic and we're the only ones left alive!

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Let's hope there's some type still around. ;)

I think all the Dutch faces were strong enough to withstand blast effects. Ohhhh, I think I see Arnhem and Dolly. A few missing em dashes here and there, but nothing serious.

TNR is still here. Because someone used it. Again.

Here's hoping digital Electra and digital Fairfield didn't make it.

If you find Arial still alive, kill it.

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If I see Denzel Washington walking in here with a book under his arm, then I KNOW we're in big trouble...

- Mike

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Shiit my thread is gone too!

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I wish they'd shut it down and roll back before we start producing too much content now that we'll want to keep, too.

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Based on the comments here:
the content is still there. It's "just" a problem of permissions.

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I've had no Access problems, but if we need to delete this forum to save it, then I'm all for it.


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> Based on the comments here:
> the content is still there. It's "just" a problem of permissions.

Excellent news I guess. Waiting for the fix...

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This is hilarious - grabs popcorn and watches the site bleed type.

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... patiently awaiting some kind of statement from those in the know ...

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Yep - mine's gone too... I guess I should have done a print screen when I had the chance...I really needed this thread too... sigh.

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I don't know if this is a related problem but all my blog entries are gone.

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This thread you can access through the home page screen, but it's gone from the 'general discussions' list. So the auto-indexing functionality is messed up.

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Looks like it's all really broken. Are the Typophile team able to fix it?

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That's brilliant, Ben! I've tried to come up with a good pun all day. You did it. Isn't that 'a' stem a little thin, by the way?

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Thanks Sindre ;) I think that's a PS artefact — some of the antialiasing got lost converting to .gif I think.

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Hey, is that a contextual alternate on the "y"?! :-)

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I had to think of something! (Or cheekily follow your nifty lead ;) !)

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"Do you know what the man is saying? Do you? This is dialectics.
It's very simple dialectics. One through nine, no maybes, no
supposes, no fractions -- you can't travel in space, you can't go out
into space, you know, without, like, you know, with fractions -- what
are you going to land on, one quarter, three-eighths -- what are you
going to do when you go from here to Venus or something -- that's
dialectic physics, OK? Dialectic logic is there's only love and hate, you
either love somebody or you hate them."

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Is anyone from Typophile reading this? When do you think it would get fixed? And are we helping by flooding this forum as well? Or should we all just shut up till you fix it :)

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"…doth protest too much, methinks."
- Shakespeare

Blather on, it's the end of the world as we know it, thankfully. :)


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I'm sure the people with the ability to so something about these problems will get to it as soon as they can, but this being a holiday weekend in San Francisco, I wouldn't expect much at least until late Tuesday.

If somebody is working on this over the weekend, I am thoroughly grateful, but you guys deserve your days off too.

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It's actually quite ironic that when I clicked on this thread for the first time from the front page that I got the message: "Access Denied".

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It's not All old threads...I found one (on CanadaType) from 2006 that was still active. on the other hand a thread I started last week is invisible/gone...

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I already thought there must have been some problems, as there are only a few threads left in my 'tracking' bit in the account page, all of them really old. I had ridiculous amounts of pages before. Many recent threads are gone, or at least invisible.

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And just when I decided to use Typophile again. I was looking for some information but the "search" function does not work… Ah!

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It's funny how the more complex computers get the more they act like humans.


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Yes, and this one has Alzheimer's or something.
Or it's a re-run of «2001»… oh wait, we ARE in 2010!  :->

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I also have a problem.
Posted on Critique Script / Handwriting / Graffiti section, 3 days ago.
My username is there (florinf) before entering that section but when I enter there is no posting by me.
Forum | Critique
Where is my post? Why is it not there?

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The good news: Your post is still there – I can see it: 'Thanks' - digital calligraphy, right?
The bad news: it seems you (and most of the other typophile members) lack the rights to access that page (and most of the other threads), at the moment.
Do I feel privileged now? Heck no! Rather like Robinson Crusoe, looking for some typophile Fridays. :-(

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So in other words the permissions are all wrecked?

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I get the access denied to my own post.
So, we'll need you, Florian, to check on our posts.
What is wrong with our permissions?

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