Tracklist gone?

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Does anyone know what happened to the Tracklist in the own settings? They have shrunk since the last update. Before I had a tracklist which went over one or two pages, now I have only 11 entries. Also haven’t found out how those remaining entries have survived. Some are a few weeks old, others are years old.

Is someone having the same problem, or is that just me?

I hope the postings are not gone. Was easier to find recent postings …

Sorry if that was discussed before, but haven’t found something alike.

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Everyone is having the same problem since Typophile's update, but I'm sure they're doing everything they can to fix this soon.

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Thanks, Tom, for the info.

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This one's on the top of our list. We're working on it _right now_ and hope to get the fix folded in just as soon as possible.


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