(x) Mid-60's grotesque on british made fuzz box - (similar to) Monotype Grotesque {Mike Y}

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I have been looking for this font in digital form, but no luck so far.
Gothic 720 is very close, but not available in the right weight.

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Thanks for starting the new thread. The biggest problem (or bonus, depending on how you look at it), is that these letters are so 'generic' that it should be hard to identify, but easy to find a close match, I would think. For example, I think the standard weight of Monotype Grotesque would re-create these letters quite well.

- Mike Yanega

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The standard weight of Monotype Grotesque looks nearly identical to Gothic 720 Roman. The shapes of the letters and the spacing are perfect, but it doesn't look quite right to me.

here's a comparison using Gothic 720 Roman

Maybe I should simulate a medium weight by modifying Arial...

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Gothic 720 is Bitstream’s version of Monotype Grotesque.

Maybe I should simulate a medium weight by modifying Arial...

If the weight is too light, you could also try to add a slight stroke to MT Grotesque. Arial, although somehow related to MT Grotesque, has a very different feel: wider letterforms, a higher joint in the ‘K’ etc.

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Using a stroke worked amazingly well. Thanks a lot!

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