:: 4 years on the road

gtrianta's picture celebrates 4 years on the road with the release of BPimperial; a caps-only condensed typeface in two weights (light and bold), each one accompanied by extreme 12 degrees italics. With several letters trying to impose on the rest, and a set of unexpected design choices in some of its puncuation marks, BPimperial is a display font that literally stands out! Give it a try!

Don't forget to download BPimperial's accompanying pdf. It includes works from a few friends that kindly responded to my invitation to try the font and design something (anything) with it. Thanks a million to all of you (Christos Tsoleridis + Christos Papatheodorou from togetherdesign, Giannis Kouroudis from K2design and Michail Semoglou from cannotnot design together with Emirihanna Litsa)

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This is quite nice! Congrats.


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Impressive! Thank you.

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Nice work. Bravo! Your BPdiet is also quite nice.

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