Use of Nick's Blandford Woodland

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I finished the costume book Tribal Vibes for Bellydancers I mentioned on this forum a few months ago. Thought you might like to see how I used Nick's font "Blandford Woodland" in a photo gallery spread. I bought this awhile back cause it's so beautiful, but never could find the right use for it before this.

Here it is titling the "Shaman" costuming of a troupe.

Here's what it looks like in the context of the spread called "Fantasy". The facing page featuring the Amazon costume is "Sultan" by Cananda type.

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Amazing! This is exactly the kind of use I had in mind when I cobbled this font together!

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I am so pleased to have approval from the (famous) designer!!

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Here is my layout for the "Vintage Hollywood" page, where I used Nick's "Londonderry Air" to depict the silent film era.

The "photo-mounting corners" are from the Franklin Corners font. I'm old enough to remember those little adhesive corners that always fell off after a few decades.

Yes, I got permission from the person who posted a high quality scan of the silent film actress from his collection.

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Love all this Orientalizing. ;)

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