What's a Heavy Metal Typeface?

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Hi everybody,

I am currently working on a Kinetic Typography project. I have to animate the lyrics of a song. The one I chose was ... Rob Zombie - Two Lane Blacktop, because I recently watched the movie by the same name.

If you've heard the song, you would know that, it is a very "in your face" track. I wanted to ask what kind of a typeface would go with it? ... I don't want to use "decorative fonts", and when I use Helvetica, DIN, Avant Garde, Rockwell etc. they seem to be very neutral, or just inappropriate.

Here's the kind of stuff I've done earlier this year:


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What about Metal Lord by Ray Larabie?

Or Wolf's Bane by Iconion Fonts

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Please see the second paragraph here:


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One made from lead?

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Maybe something similar to Heavy Metal Fantasy Mag logo.

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BTW, one interesting advantage of uniwidth* fonts like the ones in Daam Entity for animated text is that you can swap (or wait, morph!) the fonts in the system without affecting how they sit within the body of text.

* Where a given character has the same set-width in all the fonts.


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Tungsten maybe

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How about Tension?


Iy is spikey, but also legible…

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De Groot has a very cool font like that.


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Jesus loves?

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I would go with JesusLovesYou

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How about Bastard from Virus:


Jesus Loves You All would be good for Black Metal.

Comic Craft also has some fonts that are funny/scary - which is kind of how I view Rob Zombie.


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I'm glad that HIM does not use Tension. I prefer that Nightwish uses it; they play more true heavy rock.

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I did an ad mat for HIM. I used Boomshanker by FontFont.


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I would try looking for a combination of horror and hot rod fonts for Rob Zombie. Go check out House Industries, they have TONS of fonts that fit either category. If you go with the more "traditional" blackletter, Blaktur is a good way to go.

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I think the heaviest metal typeface was 120pt Cooper Black. That California Job Case weighed a ton.

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Some choice Gothic fonts for Metal (though perhaps not the standard weathered and ornate options):

American Text
FF Brokenscript
DF Wexford Oakley
Gotica Lumina

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The type metal is melting in the studio, I think it's time to go now!

See ya!

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