Extra glyphs when viewed in 'Index' mode

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I am working on a rather comprehensive font containing various alphabets; Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai etc.

Certain duplicate glyhps appear when viewed in 'Index' mode which don't appear in 'Name', 'Unicode ranges' or 'Codepages' modes. I think that these duplicates are causing FL to crash when I try to generate, but if I delete them I get a message saying there are missing glyphs _60 _61 _62 etc.

Extra glyphs inside red line:

Fatal output warning;

Does anybody have an idea of how to remedy this?

Thanks in advance.

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_60 _61 _62 etc. are glyph names which are used somewhere in OT features or in classes. So after you rename them in classes or code you will be able to delete duplicates in the font. There is the special Replace Name feature in the OT panel:

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