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I'm interested in subscribing to several magazine on typography. Domestic and international, doesn't matter what language it's set in. I would greatly appreciate the input.


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In no particular order, here are the ones I recommend:
Eye magazine (expensive)
TYPO* (Czech)
tipoGrafica* (Argentine)
Baseline (expensive)

* These are 90% bilingual.


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'Spatium', German + English ( www.spatium-magazin.de )..

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there's this magazine, grafik, coming out of the uk which is pretty rad. i think it's graphic design and type, so it's similar to what baseline or eye would cover.



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I don't mean to rain on the grafik parade, but to me it is like the other "trendy" fashion/design mags like IdN and such. Baseline is excellent, it is an absolutely beautiful piece of work, a thing of beauty. You could also try Emigre if you like American pro-active design/type theory and critique.


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BTW, weeks ago I found in a second hand book store an issue of the old Typographica magazine with a nice Walter Tracy's article about phone directories. Pages of about 12 different phone books are included en compared. Great!

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Baseline: the price reduction is strange, because for years I've seen it on the stands for between 18 and 20 dollars... BTW, I'll be selling my entire collection (almost 30 issues, some extremely rare - almost all in mint condition) on eBay soon. It certainly was and is a great magazine, but I let my subscription lapse, and don't want to be stuck with a partial collection. My reserve price won't be too low, so start saving up, or get a rich spouse/mate to buy it for you for xmas or something... :-)

Ramiro, yes, that was an amazing article!


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Or check this rather comprehensive list out

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Or check this rather comprehensive list out

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Baseline just reduced their US price from $24 to $18 per issue.
Still pricey, but better.

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