(x) 'Florida Gulf Coast': 2 scripts, 1 italic / Please ID This Font!! - Bickham Script, Park Avenue, MT Garamond {Ben M, Max P}

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Hello everyone,

I just found this website :) .. I was not aware so many people needed to identify fonts until the day I needed one identified.

Anyway, I am at work trying to make a website for a client. She wants me to use the text in the header image of her old site, on her new site. However, she does not know what font was used and the image is jpg so I cannot open it up and check the font..

It would be great if someone here could identify it for me. Thanks ahead of time.

Here is the image,

If possible I would like to know the white font and the gold font.

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The white script looks like a squooshed Bickham Script.
The top right gold script is Park Avenue
The rest looks like some kind of Garamond. Someone else will know.

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thank you, that was of great help.. Now for the other font, if someone can identify that one too, that would be great

Thanks bendy

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Now for the other font...

That’s Monotype Garamond.

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If you get the chance it might be nice to make the horizon in the picture actually horizontal. And while you're at it, see if you can make the type work. Currently the two script headings are competing and it's not clear which is more important. The two styles don't complement each other at all. It's usually also a bad idea to put informational text over a picture, especially if that means the text has to get a drop shadow ;)

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Yea Bendy i know.. But you know how it is when you have a client that thinks she knows more then the designer. thanks for the suggestions however.

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