Techy type suggestions

I'm looking for some suggestions on a (somewhat) techy typeface suitable for an identity.

I've been considering Klavika and Relato Sans, but I find the former a bit to rigdid and the latter might be unsuitable because I recently used it for a related firm. I'm not set on a sans serif.

I've been toying around with the uppercase R in Relato (it has a straight "crossbar"-ish part of the bowl, similar to Auto) for the word mark, lining it's bowl up with other crossbars. I'm not sure if I'll follow through on that idea, but nevertheless I'd love some suggestions on typefaces with similarily constructed R's.

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Possibly stupid question: Does "for an identity" mean just for the logo/tagline, or also body text?

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Not stupid at all, Nina. Just logo/tagline - perhaps some other display use.

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