Local Gardener logo - Critique please?

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Hi there,

Just joined up in the hope of getting some constructive criticism of a logo project I am working on. There is no budget, I am not a professional but enjoy typography and am trying to help a guy out.

It's for a one man local gardener - maintenance, pruning, lawns, minor landscaping etc in a medium sized town of reasonable average affluence! It would potentially be used for business cards and on a van.

Some fonts I played with were a bit too formal and I ended up on Lithos pro - I feel it has a slightly 'nature/organic' feel without being too childish. The current font used on the chap's cards is Comic Sans so I figure anything is better than that.

There's three slight variations in the attached pdf - All criticism welcome and I'm sure it'll be constructive as the help on this site always seems to be concise and helpful.

Many thanks in advance

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Really depends what you're trying to communicate.

What does PG stand for?

The "Gardening" & PG's with the leaves text - don't feel like you HAVE to add elements so that people know something has been "designed" i.e, the shovel replacing a letter combined with the tree combined with the PG mark - it needs to communicate...simply. So, in short don't add unnecessary elements/detail just cause you can.

The leaf in the P works as a stand alone element, but I have a feeling it'll just join a whole raft of others in the same industry.


I like the tree icon, it has a retro cartoon/illustration feel to it (colouring mainly)...that could really be worth exploring...you know, the whole hand lawn mowers, pink lemonade, housewives and big cars. And certainly expands a world of exploration for additional elements.

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Not bad for a "non-professional" logo design. My thoughts:

I've never been a fan of logos that replace a character with a graphic. Not only does it make the type less legible, and as Ratbaggy stated, logos are all about simple and quick communication, but it often draws attention to areas of the logo that aren't important. Also, with the leaf being used as the counter for the P, it's a neat idea, but I think in this case it modifies the feel and weight of the P too much and affects legibility.

I do, however, really like the leaf you've drawn. (Assuming you drew it yourself.) I think it's a very strong element and could almost carry the logo itself. Perhaps if you were to make it much bigger so that you could reverse the PG out and place it inside the leaf? I think that would make a really classy, simple logo that also has a bit of unique identifiability to it.

The tree icon's not bad either, but I feel the tree and leaf are a little too different stylistically to exist in the same logo, and personally I prefer the leaf. It would also make the logo easier to reproduce on a budget, as it would look great in either color or black and white. Then again, I always lean towards the simplest solution, especially when it comes to logo design.

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@ Ratbaggy - Thanks for your comments; The 'PG' are the initials of the chap who's company it is. Also I agree about having too many elements that it probably loses focus as a piece. I liked the idea of replacing the 'I' with the shovel but it is a bit distracting.

@ryantoyota - Again thanks for the comments; You also mentioned the unnecessary graphic replacing the 'I' and I think you are both right in hindsight. The leaf and tree are different stylistically and I probably agree with you that they don't really compliment each other as best they might, or perhaps - again - it is a case of over designing it!

Funnily enough I had considered putting part or all the logo into some container but couldn't really figure out a good way so I will play with using the leaf shape (which I did draw even with all the artistic skills of a 6 month old baby!) as that container and perhaps something with just the tree too.

Many thanks for your comments - I'll put something back up shortly.

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I have developed a couple more designs so please let me know what you think.

I'm worried that the stalk of the leaf in the first one unbalances the logo. With regards to the other one I'm not sure if it is obviously a tree on the left (I know what the original looked like so can't detach myself from it so easily if you see what I mean). I think the second one looks more stylish but perhaps has less impact.

However... that might be the least of it's problems - so please let me have your critiques? I can take it!

Many thanks again.


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This is all pretty good for a non-pro!


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I agree – this is quite good stuff. Especially the top one seems strong and fresh.
I'd probably move the "Gardening" down / away from the main icon a bit, and you may want to make it a little larger too, so it doesn't get lost at smaller sizes. The stalk could probably do with some polishing, but that's a pretty minor issue.

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with the lighter weight and layout I'm getting a wildlife zoo thing.

anybody else?

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My only beef with it is the G read as a C at first glance. If you added a small serif to the inside of the G, it would improve readability a bit. It would also help the strength of the G at the end of gardening, as right now the "NIN" looks a bit awkward to me.

I would also consider making the PG a lighter weight, as it seems to overpower "gardening" a bit too much as is.

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i like the leaf version over the tree. tree version resembles broccoli to me for some reason. not a fan of Litho Pro. I do like the organic concept behind it though. check out fontsquirrel.com you might find something that works for you there.

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Hola - thanks for the fontsquirrel.com recommendation. I was limiting my use to the default fonts on the Mac but that site looks excellent. I guess it could look a bit like broccoli but that contains lots of anti-carcinogens so maybe that's a good look?! ;-)

As it stands I have sent a couple of versions of the tree logo to the guy to see if he likes them. one with the full coloured tree and one with the outline swoosh. The leaf version feels a bit cumbersome and unbalanced but I do like the negative shapes made by the PG.

Thanks everyone for the input.

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Consider how this will be reproduced. Like many location service contractors, gardeners are likely to apply the logo to their vehicle. Something that can be expressed as a solid single-color shape is easiest to implement in this way. In this regard, the black PG Leaf works best, in my opinion.

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