Magazine logotype redesign

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Teuton Fett Bold = Teuton Schwarz.

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i like what you're doing especially on a prefix like post- with so many varied connotations; also i love this typeface. personally though i find it too heavy in the bold with the tight letterspacing as it makes my eyes work very hard, especially at the o and s, and at a smaller point size (below, my bad recreation at 24 pt) and with any dot gain.. lighter perhaps (hell bold shown at 48 pt)?


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Here is the original set in Teuton Fett and a few ligature variations with letterspace.


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Yet another variation:

Variation 3.

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I didn't have a problem with the tight kerning on the first draft; I had more of an issue with the hyphen, feeling like it was floating too much, creating too much of a gap between it and the t. I hope you don't mind -- I tried messing with it a little. See what you think of this:


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A few more roughs based on that concept in different weights:

Varations 4 through 6.

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I like 4 and 5 better than 6. It would be nice, though, to see it roughly in context. Do you have any page layouts you could try it out on?

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Not yet. I don

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personally i like No. 5, i think the black proportion with the white insides is the correct one. plus the ligatures works better.


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hmm... I agree that that setting the title in different type would give it a more unique look.

However, I must say that old logo creates much more interesting negative shapes: circles in p, o, and s which give it nice sense of unity. You achieved that sense too throgh the quality of lines in the new logo but the negative shapes there remain inactive. I think that messing around with the lighter weight can help a lot. [God... I sound just like my professor :-(]

My personal fauvorite is #6 if it was letterspaced just a tiny bit more.

Hope I was helpful :-)

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giving the hyphen a diffrent (lighter?) wieght might make it look more interesting..

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I keep seeing "oost"--
You may want to mess with that a little bit. Eventhough you have a descender, there isnt much (other than the sharp upper left corner of the p) to discern the 2 from one another. The descender seems to be getting lost amongst the fluid horizontal motion you have set up. So as my eye is swept from left to right, it completely misses the p.

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