A Typophile Compilation?

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It strikes me there's a lot of good will on this forum, both from users and the Typophile volunteers. It occurred to me that there could be additional ways of generating contributions for the upkeep of the site.

One idea that just jumped unbidden into my mind was that we could make a CD or download-pack showcasing some of the talent we have here and bringing together the best resources. A compilation of type specimens, fonts (beta versions or otherwise not commercially ready) and the public domain articles/resources most useful for people in this community. There are probably lots of other things that could be included, but I'm at work and unable to spend time thinking about it for the moment. There could even be opportunities for advertising, why not. Events calendar?

The idea would be for members to submit their ideas, then there would be some selection process and then the resulting pack could be purchased online for download.

There are a few fonts I'm working on which will never get to the stage of commercial release but which I'd consider submitting when a bit more finished. Would anyone else consider submitting pre-release things like this? Could be good publicity. I'd also be able to dedicate time to a project like this if it went ahead.

Anyway, it's maybe a fun thing to do so I thought I'd see what everybody thinks. Sometimes ideas are not to be trusted though, so if this sounds rubbish please post your thoughts.

Better get back to creating training materials templates now...

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We did have a best-of-critique-section a looong time ago, although there was no charge for it IIRC.


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"The Best Of Typophile" would be one hell of a good read, IMHO.

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This is our 10 year anniversary. The time is ripe.

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A book would be great. There have been a bunch of wonderfully rich threads
that I think would make a great read offline.
(And we might even include a CD, for people who want to give away their fonts
or other designs.)

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We might have a CD because a physical book is overkill.
Especially if you're a tree.


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I've been known to print out old threads and read'em in the bathtub. But it's entirely possible that I'm the only person who cares for the bathtubability of Typophile content… Anyhow, if we do digital / non-physical, we might really just do it all online.

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I certainly still print stuff. Convenience is certainly not "evil"!

BTW, one time as a teen I was reading a book I couldn't put down, but
my mom was on my case to shower, so I put it in a ziploc bag and took
it in with me. Turning the pages was pretty hard.


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We knew you were persistent, Hrant, even as a child :-)


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What a brilliant word! :D

10 years! Great! It sounds like we've certainly got enough stuff here to draw on. I'll put on my thinking hat and develop the idea a little. Of course if anyone has any brainwaves, dump them here and we can review in a while.

The trouble with printing would be the expense I think. Online publishing would have much lower costs, but you're right there is something just better about physical objects. I love it when stuff I've designed comes in a delivery! Opening the boxes is always a daunting and exciting moment!

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