Suomi Script in top ten

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I know this is shameless self-promotion, but I can not help feeling pretty proud; Suomi Script is now number eight in MyFonts Hot New Fonts-list. It's the first of my fonts ever to climb that high.

Tee Franklin went pretty high, but never got to top ten. Suomi Sans and Suomi Slab Serif are on the list as well, but at the bottom half.

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Congrats, Tomi, way to go!

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Way to go!

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Great for you! Some of that other self promotion of yours have all over the place hijacking threads and it really gives me a bad impression of you. I wish you'd let your work do the talking, because some of it is really nice.

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It's very nice to see a progressive font becoming popular.


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Thanks, for your comments, guys. They are very much appreciated. Frode, I already apologized in another thread, but once again, I am very sorry about hijacking the threads. I take your comments to heart, and I will try my very best to have some restraint from now on.

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