Trubadur Released

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Sweet noble heart, pretty lady,
I am wounded by love
so that I am sad and pensive,
and have no joy or mirth,
for to you, my sweet companion,
I have thus given my heart.

P.S. - Take this font as a part of my heart.

Trubadur @ MyFonts

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срћна српска нова година!

i am wondering that you never
show Cyrillic part of your typefaces.
did you make any?

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Хвала, хвала. Такође и украјинска и српска :)

Well... hm... don't have good explanation. :P
To be honest, we have a little messy character set, don't have standard one.

But, yeah, we have Cyrillic characters for Qitray and Horrorama only so far.

It's the question of time and decision in that moment - but we'll gonna include Cyrillic in some of our upcoming fonts.


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oh, nice to hear.
i hope to see your new cyrillics
in type festival Свято Кирилиці

and have all best with Trubadur release

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