French Anti-Piracy Organisation Hadopi Uses Pirated Font In Own Logo

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They seem to have used an unlicensed font for their anti-piracy-law.

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But those aren't the same font...

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I got the link from a German weblog. And I don’t understand French. "They seem" means, that I am not sure, if I can trust the info from the blog. So, if the info from the blog is untrue, please explain in detaily why. Then I send a message to the blogger. It is one of the private German top ten blogs.

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Yes, I remember skimming some headlines about Hadopi turning out to have been using an illegal logo. I don't have much time now, but the article says the typeface used is Bienvenue, designed by Jean-François Porchez for exclusive use by France Télécom.

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The Hadopi logo saga in full and in English on The FontFeed. You're welcome, non-French speakers. ;^)

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