Beast Machines, Serpentine, Helvetica Compressed/Impact

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Can anyone identify these fonts? I am so stuck on these... ggggrrrr..

I thought they could have been Impact or Aachen?

I attached 5 images. 1 is by itself, 2 and 3 are the same and 4 and 5 are the same.

I hope you guys can tell me the 3 different fonts being used.

Thanks in advance,

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2 and 3 are Serpentine.
4 and 5 could be modified Impact indeed.

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#1 could be freefont Beast Machines with a modified N …

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#4 and #5 could also be Helvetica Compressed as the rest is Helvetica, too.

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thanks jan and renko.

What would be the best alternative or substitute to serpentine which still is still a serif? maybe a mixture of serpentine and impact?

Thanks in advance,

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ha, poor word combo on #3 "FAT ASSault"
im such a 13 yr old boy.

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thanks lex.

any other fonts which are similar to serpentine but are not a variation of it?

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Hmm, don't understand your request really but have a look at Crillee.

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Somehow I feel stronger.

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thanks Renko, just what i was looking for.

is there a Crillee without italics or an alternative that has both italics and non italics?

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That's the only Crillee, as far as I know.

- Mike Yanega

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hi bowfinpw,
are there any other fonts which are similar to serpentine and crillee?

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Try Canada Type's Chopper.

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thanks auricfuzz

still looking for a non italic Crillee font...

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What about TF Margate? (Sorry, their site is quite unnavigable).

- Lex

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thanks Lex.

I'll look into that.

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Serpentine could be on my list of top 5 least faves.

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Lex, the TF Margate site not functioning. are there any alternatives to this font?

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