bad power bad for iMacs?

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So I just moved into a new place and the wirings a little old, and the power is going out a little more often than it should.

That being said, my iMac is being shut down and I don't think its good for it?

Is there any truth to it, should I be worried?

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If you have low power it just won’t run or will shut down. You might also get surges you don’t notice. Small surges might not do anything noticeable but can fry your power supply over time. Your best bet is to buy a power conditioner/surge suppressor/battery backup unit by APC. It will cost you a few hundred dollars, but if it keeps you from missing a deadline or dealing with a corrupt hard disk it will have been worth the money.

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Bad power at ATypI St Petersburg fried a dozen or so Mac laptop power supplies. Basically everyone sitting stage left who was plugged in. I think with sketchy power you might want to invest in the solution James suggests.

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will it affect the power supply or the hard drive or other things?

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It's hard to say what exactly will get fried - certainly anything directly connected to unfiltered line voltage (remember modems?). Your just taking your chances with the internal stuff.

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