Retro Scooter Fonts

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hey, what are some decent retro scooter fonts preferably free or cheap ones.

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Samples or images with samples?

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names of fonts would be good?

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I think what Miss Tiffany was getting at is it would be a lot easier for us to help you if you showed us some examples of the kind of thing you're looking for. Then we can try and figure out some fonts that might be similar.

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For some reason I'm thinking Las Vegas Fabulous for this.

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Good choice Patrick.

The Lambretta "font" was digitized years ago by Cake fonts, which I believe became Chank. I forget what the specific font name was.


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though it’s not a connected script, BD Motra was based off the Honda Motra scooter’s militant stencil logo:
though not sure 80s is the vintage you’re looking for.

otherwise I think of the Mods and fat tightly spaced Euro sans.

Eurostile was Italian and of that era.
Akira Kobayashi and Linotype reworked it

I’ve seen a lot of Blippo and other Bauhaus/Bayer descendents attributed to the 60s Italian/French/British scooter scene

others, more straight sided condensed and dense sans:

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G'day. I believe this might be of use to you:

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