Paper Stock Identification

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So as much as we all love identifying type I was hoping someone would be able to help me out and tell me about the paper stock used here:

Really any information would help. Who makes it or something like it....even if you just know what that kind of paper is called so I can figure out what to search for.


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Non-paper comment: If it's the edge color you're after, that might actually be a printing technique.
See this example here:

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You should email Frank and ask him directly. He's very friendly.

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It looks like it was printed on a letterpress, hence the 3D look of the type.

I would show it to a printer or a paper sales person, or go through their samples.

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Yeah it's definitely letter press. According to his twitter it was done by Mandate Press so maybe they could help, but yeah specifically I was referring to the edge color. Perhaps I'll shoot him an email. Thanks again for the help.

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The 3D look looks nice.

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