Avant Garde . How can I make ligatures work?

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Hi there typophiles. I'm working in indesign with Itc Avant Garde Gothic Std and i'm trying to use ligatures with upper case letters ie, CA AVA etc.. . I have the ligatures option turned on but the letters don't appear to change. Is there something i'm doing wrong? ligatures seem to work with other typefaces, just not any of the avant garde typefaces which i own! I love the ligatures that are in this typeface and would love to be able to use them! pleasse help!

these are the kind of ligatures i want to see!


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You may need the Alternate version to get those.


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or the ITC version with everything. The previous versions didn't include those non-standard ligatures.

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Carl's right. I've made this page to help explain the two options: ITC Avant Garde Gothic Alternates and Ligatures

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Thanks for your help guys, it looks like i'm going to have fork out some $$$ to get the look i'm going for!

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