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This is a start of a family with some calligraphic tendencies. I tried to bring serif elements to this font; the angles and counter forms are closer to serif type, even though this is very much a sans serid font.

Here's a pdf:

Tip-sample.pdf411.99 KB
TipItalic-sample.pdf225.77 KB
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This has a lot of potential, Tomi! Make sure you keep those counters as open as possible in the heavier weights to avoid some pitfalls from your earlier families.

- Some glyphs are missing the stroke modulation that's more obvious in those with curves. This seems fixable on the 's', but I don't know what to tell you on the 'k','v','w','x'. Maybe some very subtle, straight lined tapering? See Amira!

- I like it's liveliness, but I think the 'g' is leaning a little too far to the left. Maybe move that bottom bowl a bit.

- The italic needs a lot of work. I think there is too much evidence of automatic slanting, but someone with more experience can explain why.

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Thanks, Stephen-

I think that the spur of the 'a' is too heavy, and your Amira is a good way to go. But this is just a start. And yes, italics are just mess.

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I quite like this Tomi, but like Stephen suggests the g needs an overhaul!

What's the secret? You seem to be very prolific at the moment! Perhaps you can make some kind of workflow thread?


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There's a lot going on here. Can you tame it all? :-)


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The 'g' had an overhaul. Thanks for that. And I hope I can tame them all. I've grown used to have a lot of projects at the same time; it tends to help with the more tedious aspects of type design to have more than one design to work with.

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Here is the italics re-drawn. I attached the pdf at the first post, since I can't find a way to do it from comment post.

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