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This is a font family I mad for a Finnish directory company. In the end this turned out a lot like my Suomi Sans family, even though I drew this one without any copying and pasting from Suomi Sans.

I'm not too thrilled with the work of the ad agency of the logo (they connected the F and t with the contour of the nex letter), but in all I'm pretty happy with the overall result.

This is an add for the iPhone app I found from iTunes:

Here's a more comprehensive pdf:

Fonecta family.pdf326.57 KB
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I'm very happy they used local talent for the project, good work!
But sorry to hear you didn't like the agency's modifications for the logo. Why didn't they ask you to do that, too?

Onnittelut näin suomeksikin, terveisiä Helsingistä!

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Thanks, Mili-

That's ad agencies for you: they only asked me for a properly slanted and corrected 'a', and made a logo with that.

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