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OK. Having some trouble with coming up with a lockup for this logo. I think the 3rd one on the right works the best in both contexts, but I am not happy with stacking the type to the right.

I like putting it underneath logotype, but then it gets lost on the 1st sketch, and on the 2nd sketch I am not sure what to have extend beyond the right of the logotype.

Probably what will work best is a combination of 1 and 3. Stack the type on the right when small, position it all underneath when big.

But I want see what you all have to say.

CAN is a network of creative professionals engaged in multimedia politically-focussed projects. A lot of their work will be for broadcast, some for print and web.

Thanks for your help.

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Sorry Peter, but until I read your last paragraph I thought that was a cut off E A and D sort of down the middle. It doesn't read to me. If you don't include the full name it makes no sense at all. Its just my opinion

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One last thought CAN is often used in the term "In the can" meaning inactive, not a good name for a pro-active group.

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definitely "creative action network" has to be in the lockup. I was just wanting feedback on better ways to work this type in with the logotype.

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Hello Peter

I love the concept that the same shape can create three letters through rotation, but i have to agree with Daniel that without the subtitle, CAN is difficult to be read. On the other hand i think CAN is positive (though i am not familiar with the common american language) because the verb "can" neans anything but impossibility.

But as you said Peter you asked for the type...
I think the best thing is -as you said- to be flexible with it, not just underneath or right, but also column underneath, depending on where and how big your logo is.

Also aesthetically i would recommend to use a much bigger type in lc and extra light in the same row with CAN (maybe even in the same x-height) or a column underneath, so it will gently brake your constructivistic boldness.

A last comment: if you can still touch the logo i think it would be intersting to put a small square or dot or anything upper and right of N so to help the legibility and also with a bright color there you could express energy and activity -like coming out of CAN. Hope that i helped.


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"One last thought CAN is often used in the term "In the can" meaning inactive"

And it also means 'can' as in 'can do' which is perfect for this type of org, IMHO.

I can read the 'CAN' OK. The full name certainly helps as well.

I actually prefer the second one.

HAve you tried stacking the type underneath letting the words take the full width? That would allow you to increas the size of the ACTION word which might be a nice emphasis

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Christos, thanks for the feedback. one thing I like about the letterforms being simliar is that it hits home this idea of network, similar elements coming together to make something. also makes for interesting humanoidal patters.

the idea of pairing a light sans is a good one. I am liking some of those executions. stacking isn't working though. maybe I am not doing it correctly.

I am liking the frame idea though. could make for a strong branding element if i left-align and use it like a wrapper of sorts.

thoughts? thanks for your help guys.


what i am liking:

and funky pattern effect:

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