"camera" hybrid bold didone/monoline serif face

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Can anyone tell me what this font is please?

It's the one used for the word 'camera'.


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It’s a bit similar to Artefact.

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And a bit similar to Bodoni Mutant.

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Where did you find the sample? "Camera" is an exhibition by Magne Furuholmen, former songwriter/composer/singer in the pop band A-Ha, turned artist. My guess is that it's done by some design bureau in Oslo, or perhaps as part of a magazine piece.

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@ frode frank Wow bang on, the poster I found it on was designed by an agency called Bleed based in Norway and yes it was for Magne Furuholmen exhibition held at Studio Hugo Opdal in Flø!

@ Florian Hardwig & p01ak thanks guys, those fonts are definitely very similar but not quite there. Maybe it's a typeface that's been customised a little, what do you reckon?

Thanks again :)

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It's most likely custom. You can always ask Bleed.

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