Calligraphic sans serif

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Sans serif has been considered a more constructed in form than serif faces. And rightly so. It has none of those pesky serifs pointing out, and therefore it is more stable.

I made something different; the form of this sans serif is a narrow basic form, but with counter forms I did something different. Counters have distinct sharp forms in upper left and lower right corners, to simulate a traditional nib point pen:

I've gone through all my reference books from photo composition to Enschede sample book, and also MyFonts to find a similar approach to a sans serif, but couldn't find any.

What do you think?

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You might like this thread:

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Thanks, Nina-

I went through that thread, and Urbana was the closest, but the design is for both form and counter form. Fenway Roman had the idea, but an odd logic to the counters.

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And I just released Suomi Sans. From MyFonts.

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Very nice idea - it's actually half calligraphic! :-)
We need more of this.


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