A sans serif font that pairs well with Soho Gothic

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I am looking for a sans serif font that would pair well with a Soho Gothic bold logo. It's for a small marketing services agency. They're innovative, modern, fun and young.


Can anyone suggest a sans serif font that would pair well with it when used for text? I found that for large bodies of text, Soho Gothic is not the most readable font.

Thanks for the help!

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Thanks for the suggestions Stephen! Can you recommend a sans serif that would contrast a bit more with Soho Gothic? Also do you know any serifs that would work well with Soho Gothic?

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Ahh, you want contrast. Maybe go with something that fits the agency's friendly side since Soho Gothic is pretty rigid and techy.

FF Masala
Vista Sans
Fresco Sans

Are you looking for a serif to go with this sans, or one that sits next to Soho Gothic?

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These are great. I especially like Seravek and Gloriola. As for a serif, I am looking for something that will work with a the Soho Gothic logo (and heads) and either Seravek or Gloriola.

Also, Seravek are Gloriola good for web display?

Thanks for all the help so far!

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I think Seravek and Gloriola will do fine on the web over 16 pt as an image.

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