custom type critique

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Something I'm working on for a friend... I'm not sure if I like this or not, so I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about it.

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Great stuff. I prefer the first one mainly because it lacks the flourish on the b. Without it, the flourishes on the T and the h get a better chance to shine.

I'm guessing this is probably done with strokes, but if you break it into shapes, refine it to be less monoweight, it would be even nicer.

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oh, and I recommend using the tittle from the bottom-most version. It relates more in scale to the loops found in the other letters of the word.

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I think the bottom one is really very nice. Great work! I do agree with kosal that you should leave off the flourish on the b. It is extraneous and takes away from the lovely T and h.

The top two just don't have consistency with only some of the letters having the double lines and it looks unbalanced. Plus the dot over the i is just too big. If you did decide to go with one of the top two, in the very least I would suggest making the dot smaller. The great thing about the dot over the i in the bottom one is that it is nearly the same size as the small loops in the h & r (though the r looks slightly bigger) – if you did that on purpose it is very thoughtful. I would be curious to see the same small loop on the b, but it may be overkill.

All in all, you should be happy with it because it's quite nice and with some tweaking it will be very lovely.

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Thanks for your comments! Funny you should both mention the b... I started off with a non-flourished b, but somehow it seemed to lack something (see image below). I've made a couple of variations to try to give the whole thing a more balanced look

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2nd and 5th for my money.

5th, the flourish on the b could sit/resolve a little higher imo.


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Bottom is still best. Nice work.
Should you try the top of /r/ a bit lower?

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torn between 2 and 5... agree with ratbaggy that the b flourish on 5 could sit higher. Very nice though!!!

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