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Looking for a Luxury Alternative. An inexpensive version with the same Look&Feel... i love the OrangeItalic one, but i'm not going to spend 1500 on it :-( Any ideas? Thanks: Lars

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Lars, post an image, please

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I agree that the faces and the presentation at OrangeItalic are striking... but I also seem to remember some discussion about the seriousness/humour of the offer and the accompanying prices. I

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Hi Daniel, what i meant is just an alternative to the Luxury Font Set from Orange Italic. A Typeface that has this "luxury" look & feel, too. Something like this:

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Lars, they are very full of themselves. I bet they go belly up pretty soon. In these economic times no client will pony-up that kind of money. The dot com times are over. They should do some marketing anaylsis of current typeface pricing and make an adjustment to the realities of now. Maybe you can negotiate with them, like if you use there type in headlines in a publication they get a credit in the cofolon

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Dan, you might be surprised if you Google "christian schwartz".
Heard of him? He's one of the designers at OI.



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I can't find the thread right now, but here is the story: Christian Schwartz and his colleague produced the Luxury Collection as a satire and joke on the fashion industry, and put the price accordingly, not expecting to sell.

I think Schwartz's work on type is some of the best being done today, and none of the rest has this kind of pricing. If you want one of the 'luxury' fonts or an alternative, I suggest e-mailing Christian Schwartz and asking him, and I expect you'll get a reasonable answer.

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Joke or not, exclusivity of a high quality item can ask for exorbitant prices and expect to receive payment. Christian Schwartz does seem to have an impressive resume to back up actions that may seem eccentric. I suspect it will take an equally eccentric person to purchase such a font package and that even large corporations with the pocket change to do that have decision makers with more traditional views on spending.

I'm curious to know if anyone has purchased it yet.

Also, I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could find some resonably priced typefaces that are similar.

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I'm curious to know if anyone has purchased it yet.

Supposedly, the answer is no.

They say they think this is because people think the fonts don't really exist. I'd say that the pricing for licensing is just a tad out of reach of most clients. It's a great joke tho and even greater faces!

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I've never found a price on this Luxury package. Is it online? How much is luxury worth? :-)

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'..Everyone seems to think this is an elaborate joke ( which it is ), but its also a very usable set of fonts..' ( )

'..The Luxury Collection is priced fairly, starting at $ 1500 for a 5 user license..'
( 'Official Orange Italic Press Release' / )

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