Filosofia bitmap?

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Filosofia Small Caps, 14pt. (Shown here with Avenir.)

Who knew there was a gem of a serif bitmap
under our noses all this time?

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Well, "Senator" was said to have been
based on her "Emigre 15" (now renamed
"Lo-Res Twenty-Two Serif");

"Matrix" was the outline version of "Emigre 14" (now renamed "Lo-Res Twenty-One Serif");

"Modula" was based on "Emperor 15"
(now renamed "Lo-Res Twenty-Two Narrow");

The entire "Base" family was designed with
screen-resolution bitmap grids in mind; etc.

She seems to use the bitmap grid to its full
advantage from the very beginning of her
design process.

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She also hand-tunes the Mac bitmap fonts in her suitcases instead of foolishly trusting Fog to do a perfect job of it. The PC versions of Emigre fonts unfortunately lack this feature.

With full-fuzz antialiasing becoming the norm (or as Adam Twardoch likes to call it, full-alcohol) bitmaps in newer suitcases are becoming rarer and rarer. I'm trying to figure out a way to add embedded bitmap data to CFF .otf files.

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Although PC PostScript fonts can contain (low-grade) hints, they cannot contain bitmaps, and bitmaps are better. But PC TrueType fonts can contain bitmaps. They can both contain hinting, but even TT's powerful hinting can't compare to the real thing.

BTW, John, maybe BitFonter can do OTF?


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BTW, there is a hidden promised land between the stark world of 1-bit rendering and the fuzzy world of automatic anti-aliasing...


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I'll have to look at Mrs. Eaves, but I'm fully
prepared to not be surprised.

What do you mean she 'work[s] from bitmap models
for her fonts?' Can you elaborate?

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Hmmm... Very nice!

Not too surprising, I suppose, as Zuzanna Licko seems to work from bitmap models for many (if not all?) of her fonts. I wonder if Mrs Eaves works as well?


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