Aviano Flare

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I've been working off and on on the next installment of my Aviano Series. This is Aviano Flare. It is an extended semi sans. The intent is eyecatching elegance with a bit more swash and brush influence than most semi-sans faces. I welcome all constructive comments on the design. Any thoughts on the name? Thanks!

Above, PDF

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I'm enjoying watching this family grow! You have some interesting ideas with this family. I love stressed sanses, especially really thin ones like you've developed here, and even more so with the modulated arms like on E.

Ok, remember the salt...

My first reaction is quite strongly against the head serif on the A. Being thinner than the hairline strokes it looks very weak and almost accidental. I can see your plan but I think my inclination would be to cut it completely, though it may work if you make it more chunky, or shorten it.

In the same way, the taper on the R looks too tight and IMO would look better ending at about the same weight as the other hairlines. I think the current terminal would work well at really huge sizes, but then the other strokes could do with being finer.

The right side of B looks a little heavy or bumpy on the thin weight.

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I agree with all of your comments. I have addressed all and was/may make another post with the corrections. Thanks for your input!

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