'B' Ornate initial / Classic Letter - any ideas? need help asap!

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Here's the B - does anyone know this font? or one similar?
thank you thank you thank you

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I'm guessing that by the lack of response this is probably a custom letter?
any advice would help thanks so much

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Rob, have you done any searching for ornate initials? These are so specialized that I doubt many of us are too familiar with them, because we come across them rarely. It would be nice to know that you have made at least some sort of search. I also have to add, that I think the 'asap!' is a turn-off for many IDers. We pretty much try to answer all posts as quickly as we can, since there is at least some satisfaction in being first to get the answer, for many of us.

Your letter may be custom, or it may just be no one is sure what your question was about. "Ornate B Initial - any ideas?" might have been a better title, and you can still edit it, since it was your post.

- Mike Yanega

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This might aswell been custom drawn.

Vaguely similar: Like Gutemberg Caps, Kynges X NF.

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thanks for the help and feedback, I shall adjust my vocabulary

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