Ideas on Old World Capitals? - Erbar Initialen (aka Brandegoris, De Roos Caps) {Ben M, Andreas H}

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I trying to track down some vintage looking font ideas. Any one have any ideas on some fonts that look similar to these:
Thx in advance I appreciate any help on this

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The second one looks like Brandegoris from Scriptorium.

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Dafont has a couple similar to your third image: Ringmaster or Romantiques.

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> Brandegoris

The typeface is "Erbar Initialen" (Erbar Initials)

There are two digitisations I know of, Dave Nalle's Brandegoris (with alternative caps in the lowercase), look at the shareware version


DeRoos Caps (by Dave Fabik) (free for non-commercial use. IMHO this is the cleaner digitisation - from the Dover specimen book, the readme file says.


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More alternatives for the circus-style ‘C’ initial:
Gille Classic, Home Style, Madame.

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thanks for your help - greatly appreciated

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