(Suggestions please) Narrow font for body text

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I am designing a magazine and I am looking for a text font. I will need to squeeze a lot of text. I have been testing a few ... but sizes and leading are getting really small:
Arno (10/11), Diverda Serif 9/11, Leitura news 8/11.
It seems that at that point sizes fonts are losing their identity.
So ... I was thinking of trying a bit taller/narrower body text font.
I would be thankful, if you could post some suggestions ... classic or contemporary - both are welcome!

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I once successfully used Proforma in a project where I needed to squezze in a lot of text....

– H

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To me about the narrowest you can go for text is Stone Print:

BTW, narrowness isn't necessarily more economical.
Please do a Find on "economy" in my interview here:


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I'd suggest you use Editor, or if you really want to save space use Editor Pro.

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I just checked out Dan's Malabar yesterday for a newspaper design. It has a quite some "identity" and a big appearing size. Though not a narrow design, it can easily be set a point size smaller, like 8,5 or even 8 pt for comfortable reading text.
Or what about Freight?

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We have some stuff that might work for you.

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Thanks for all suggestions!

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