Typofonderie.com Font Discoveries January 2010 Special!

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Every two months, we offer a font discovery pack at a very affordable price compared to regular prices when purchased with the rest of a family. From € 98. You save approximately 30%. Allumi PTF is included!

If not interested by such offers, at least you can still download the free Allumi PTF Dingbats fonts from here.

This new Font Discoveries pack is a good way to discover our fonts at an affordable price. Jump on the January 2010 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Allumi PTF Demi, Ambroise Std Bold, Le Monde Sans Std Italic, Anisette Std Petite Black. The available pdf present the 4 fonts(January 2010 Font Discoveries pdf specimen in various contexts, samples in use, glyph sets and and so on.

Font Discoveries page
Font Discoveries January 2010
Font Discoveries January 2010 pdf specimen
Font Discoveries January 2010: in use samples

Font Discoveries January 2010 via Issuu.com

Each offer is normally available for 2 months only. But because of the new year, we bring back to you the four Font Discoveries packs for a limited time: Available until the 29 January 2010. So, don’t miss this unique opportunity to recreate some families at very affordable price (you save approximately 30% on usual prices).

All available for a limited time.

Font Discoveries January 2010: Allumi PTF Demi, Ambroise Std Bold, Le Monde Sans Std Italic, Anisette Std Petite Black
Font Discoveries September 2009: Costa PTF Italic, Anisette Std Petite Thin, Apolline Std Regular, Parisine Std Bold Italic.
Font Discoveries July 2009: Le Monde Sans PTF Light, Ambroise Std Firmin Demi, Anisette Std Black, Angie Sans Std Bold Italic.
Font Discoveries May 2009:Parisine Plus Sombre PTF Bold Italic, Angie Sans Std Regular, Le Monde Livre Classic Std Swashes, Apolline Std Demi.

January 2010 in use samples:

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