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Do you know of any resources grouping logos by shape? I'm working on a symbol that might just be a bit to simple to not have been done before.

Edit: Removed the image.

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I don't know of an online resource, but Michael Evamy's "Logo" is structured like that. It contains a chapter "Circles and Dots".

- H

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Hörzu (a German TV listings magazine) has three overlapping circles (RGB).

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Thanks Hanno, I'll stop by the bookstore and have a glance.

Florian: Thanks.

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Most national trademark registries have a specialized online search function, and the trademark entries themselves each have a plain-language description. Search for "four circles" + "diamond" in the description field and see what comes up.

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Here's another one that is related.

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Kevin: I couldn't find any that would search anything but text. Link?

Hanno: They were sold out for that particular book, but I looked through 5 other similar books and couldn't find anything.

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It reminds me of some japanese mon.* Here's a couple of sites that let you search by keyword:

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mon_(crest)

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I did this when I was a rookie at the university.


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I've searched both sites, and neither turned up anything remotely similar. I'm still not sure if I'm in the clear though …

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I’m still not sure if I’m in the clear though …

Somewhere in the world there surely would be a similar logo.
But I think that, once you have checked the competitors (and the Scottish Arts Council ;-)* you should be safe.


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